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Render adds a fantastic look to a home, but you can even customise render to suit your space and to also reflect your own look. A lot of people don't know that you can tint render.

´╗┐That means you can pick a great quality render product, and then we can help you find the best colour to suit your home. Whether you're trying to fit in with an existing colour scheme, or you want a unique look for your home, PaintRIght is where you start for all your rendering needs.

Industrial Coatings

Whether you're looking for commercial refurbishment, asset protection or maintenance solutions, PaintRight have the right industrial coatings products, tools and accessories to get the job done - Plus all the right advice!

We'll help you balance cost-effectiveness with quality, adhesion and protection, and we only stock highly trusted brands and product lines to protect both you and your industrial coating jobs.

Finding the right industrial coating is often about problem-solving. To solve any of these problems, you need great advice, broad and specific product knowledge, plus the right application and maintenance techniques. At PaintRight, we're here to help find you the best protective coating, whatever the job.

We want to help you protect your asset, demonstrate quality in your workmanship and also help you select environmentally-friendly product solutions. Come in and talk to our friendly and professional staff today!


Find all your automotive paints at PaintRight! Motorbikes or vehicles - whatever your pride and joy is! We stock a full range of undercoats, topcoats, basecoats, clearcoats, hardeners and reducers, plus cleaners, additives and more!

Our friendly staff can also assist in finding the best water or solvent-based paint to match existing colours, advising on the best blending techniques and explaining the spraying and levelling behaviour for different products. You'll have a brand new look in no time, with PaintRight!